Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catching Up

Christmas 2011

Christmas was really fun this year.  The kids are getting older but are so much fun.  I love Christmas day.  This year it fell on a Sunday, which I actually love.  Our church is at 9 am so it made for an early morning, but we had a great day.  Ivie and Bo both asked for new bikes and Claire asked for a triplet doll stroller.

We all got ready for Church and the kids looked so great in their new Christmas outfits.

After church we got ready for Trav's family to come over.  We usually do the party here.  We open presents and have lunch, it's always a lot of fun.  Then, we head over to my parents to visit and try to eat a bit more....

Christmas Dance Recital

The girls did a great job at their Christmas Dance Recital.  I loved both of their dances.  Ivie danced to the a rap version of the song "I'm Gettin' Nothin' For Christmas" (see outfit, they were all rebels).  Her dance was great.  I love her teacher, she has really worked with Ivie a lot this year.  Ivie has turned into a great dancer.

Claire's dance was to "Santa Likes to Oogie Boogie".  It was super cute.  Claire can shake like nobody's business.  She's a cutie.

Healing Field

We went to the Healing Field in Sandy.  It's so amazing.  If you haven't gone to see all of the flags, you should go.  It's a memorial for 9/11 and it's a really humbling experience.  We took a few pictures there.


Bo, Trav, and Rex (Trav's dad) all went fishing in August.  They go to mirror lake.  They have a lot of fun.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peanut Turns 7

Well, my little Peanut turned 7.  Claire is such a sweet little girl.  I love her so much.  She is all girl.  She loves purses, dolls, clothes, skirts, pink, anything girlish.  Claire is a friendly girl, she loves to play and have fun.  She loves school and did great in 1st grade.  I can't believe she starts 2nd grade in two weeks.  Claire loved her birthday.  She was so sweet that day.  It was funny, because she really didn't want to do anything but stay home and watch TV (the shows she wanted to watch, nobody else's).  She chose to go to Panda Express for lunch.  She LOVES Panda and eats so good there.  I hate it, so we don't go there much, but who could say not to my Peanut on her birthday and to that cute little face.  She chose Chuck-A-Rama for dinner.  Not sure why she likes that place because she hardly eats anything, but that's where we went.

Claire has been wanting an American Girl doll for a long time.  For each occasion she asks for one, I say, "Yes, but that's probably all you'll get."  Then, she changes her mind and decides on something else, but still wanted that doll.  Anyway, for her birthday, she decide that really was what she wanted and she didn't change her mind this time.  She got the doll, earrings for the doll, and some super cute clothes for it (thanks to a friend of mine who makes them).  I sure do love my little Claire Bear, she is a joy and we love her in our family.  Also, she finally lost her first tooth about a month before her birthday, boy was she excited.  She's actually lost 2 now.

A Sweet Song

I have a new calling in Primary.  I have to say, I love it.  I didn't think I'd every love a Primary calling, but I do.  I find that as my kids have gotten older, I am so much more patient than I used to be.  I've learned that some things just aren't a big deal and to relax a bit.  It's made me love my kids and all kids even more than ever.  I teach the 7 (turning 8) year olds.  Last Sunday were were singing one of the songs for this years Primary Program.  It's not from the songbook, it was published in the Friend magazine. The words and music are by Sally DeFord.  I absolutely LOVE this song.  Singing it on Sunday, it really hit me.  I almost couldn't sing it because it touched my so much, that I was so full of the spirit.  This is probably my new favorite Primary Song.  Here are the words:

If I had been a little child when Jesus lived on earth,

I would have liked to walk with Him and listen to His words,

But as I search the scriptures I can hear His words of peace,

And if I listen with my heart I hear the Savior’s voice.

I hear a living prophet speak the things that Christ would say

If He were here upon the earth to talk with me today.

The prophet teaches how to live in righteousness and peace,

And if I listen with my heart I hear the Savior’s voice.

I feel the Holy Spirit as He teaches truth and right.

He comforts me in times of need; He testifies of Christ.

He speaks to me in quiet ways that fill my soul with peace,

And if I listen with my heart I hear the Savior’s voice.



We went to the Zoo with the family.  The kids had a lot of fun.  We went on a Saturday morning that was quite overcast.  It was perfect because it was a little cooler.  It started to heat up just as we were leaving.  The animals were so active.  We were visiting the Tigers for quite some time, they were so active.  It was also Zoorasic Park, so we checked out the dinosaurs, they were so cool.

Day's of 47 Rodeo

We went to the Day's of 47 Rodeo last year and LOVED it.  We decided to make it a tradition.  When I was a kid, we went every year and I loved it.  So, we bought tickets again.  The kid's love it.  We have decided that we love sitting by the bucking chutes because that's where all of the action is.  The kid's had a lot of fun.  Right before we left, Trav had an incident with a pocket knife (picture is a  few days later, looks a lot better than it did)....not so fun.  But, we hurry and wrapped it up and headed to the rodeo.

My mom does NOT like her picture taken, but I snagged one.